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Oriental Exotic Drinks

Pina Colada

    • $ 7.50

A snowy concoction of white Rum with coconut and pineapple. Innocent looking but watch it.

Strawberry / Peach / Banana Daiquiri

    • $ 7.50

A seasonal fruity taste of China Doll’s new version of the daiquiri.

Choice of one flavor: strawberry, peach, or banana.


Mai Tai

    • $ 7.50

This means “the best” in Tahitian with a famous happy mixture that is always a favorite.

Fog Cutter

    • $ 7.50

A potent vaseful of Rums, Liqueurs and fruits… let the drinker beware.

China Doll's Special

    • $ 7.50

China Doll’s Daiquiri – a frosted version.

Yellow Bird

    • $ 7.50

A festive concoction of Rum punch with Amaretto and Banana Liqueurs.

Tiki Bowl

    • $ 10.50

A delightful Rum punch served in eastern bowl supported by three Tahitian Tikis.

Blue Hawaii

    • $ 7.50

Tropical cocktail blue like ocean, made with rum, pineapple juice, Curaçao liqueur, etc. Served in a mermaid glass.


    • $ 7.50

The version of Beachcomber’s original lethal libation – a real dirty stinker.


    • $ 7.50

A festive concoction of Rums, fruit juices and Brandy, with a whisper of Almond.

Polynesian Cocktail

    • $ 7.50

Vodka punch with a blend of fruit flavors.

Singapore Sling

    • $ 7.50

Sloe Gin, Dry Gin, lime with Subtle flavoring of brandy.

Love Potion

    • $ 10.50

A drink for two.

Virgin Daiquiri

    • $ 6.25

Choose one flavor: Pina Colada, Strawberry, Banana, Peach or Mango.