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Fried Rice

No Modifications On Fried Rice Please

China Doll Special Fried Rice

    • $ 10.75

Generous portions of shrimp, beef, ham, roasted pork, and juicy dark meat chicken along with eggs and vegetables.

Chicken Fried Rice (White Or Dark)

    • $ 10.25

Upgrade to all white meat for $1.00.

Shrimp Fried Rice

    • $ 10.75

Ham Fried Rice

    • $ 10.75

Roast Pork Fried Rice

    • $ 10.75

Beef Fried Rice

    • $ 10.75

Vegetable Fried Rice

    • $ 10.25

Full of colorful vegetables, no eggs.

Egg Fried Rice

    • $ 8.75

Fluffy eggs stir fried with rice.

White Rice

    • $ 2.75
    • $ 3.75

Jasmine rice cooked to perfection. Light floral and buttery scent, good compliment to any dishes with sauce.